June 13, 2008

The irish killed the treaty, but it will still be back

So the Irish have killed off the resurrected EU Constitution, I hope somebody remembered to stick a stake in its heart this time. Unfortunately I think not. Undoubtedly the ratification process will continue, with the EU slowly limping along towards its goal of ever closer union and eating the brains of anybody that gets into its clutches like a zombie from Dawn of the Dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will come back. Without that treaty Europe 27 is like a powerful car without steering control.

I agree that treaty is not perfect at all, it is obscure and unreadable. How could it be otherwise since it is a compromise between 27 politically different countries.
But it is far more readable than the terribly ugly existing treaties (did you even read them ?)

The Lisbon treaty is a small progress but a real one. If you want to wait for the perfect treaty then wait forever and stay stuck in the XXth century, while asia and south america go forward.

4:44 pm  
Blogger chris said...

Even if the EU had a working steering wheel it would not be able to change the direction that it is going. Which is the wrong direction. Partly because of the institutional inertia it has built up. Partly because there is no consensus as to the correct direction anyway since the political objectives of the member states are different. This is why I am glad that the treaty is gone, so that the EU project will hit a gravel trap sooner rather than later letting us get out and go our own way.

10:03 pm  

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